Strategy Seminar

November 5th, 8:30am-2:30pm
Rise City Church
Lakeside, CA 92040


$50/person (Before Oct. 20th) – $75/person (Late Registration)


The Sonlife Strategy Seminar looks in-depth at disciple-making from the life of Christ. Since 1980, Sonlife has been training a biblical understanding of the Great Commission and Great Commandment. This training is designed to help ministry leaders gain a simple yet fresh glimpse into the process of movement-building, based on the “Son’s life”.

This seminar provides a chronological “overview” of the life and ministry of Jesus.  We’ll spend significant time examining his pattern of disciple-making as he invested into his disciples.  Using a harmony of the gospels, we’ll together study the historical and cultural contexts in which Jesus equipped his disciples. We’ll also look at the periods of time and phases in Christ’s journey that are foundational for healthy ministry development.

Whether you are a veteran youth leader, or new in ministry, you will be challenged by going deeper into the life of Christ and how Jesus both made disciples and how He built movements of multiplying disciples.  And amazingly… Jesus said over 40 different ways; “do what I have done’ (John 14:12) and “walk as I have walked” (I John 2:6).

Additionally, attendees will identify key disciple-making principles to be able to apply to their lives and unique ministry context. Our goal is to renew a passion for disciple-making and a greater commitment to live out the character and priorities of Jesus.  This training is for anyone who has ministry responsibility and desires to use their life to help others walk as Jesus walked (1 Jn 2:6) and make disciples like Jesus (Jn 14:12).

The Model
  • Why is Jesus our model?
The Mission
  • What is our mission?
  • Great Commission
  • The Motive
  • What is our Motive
  • Great Commandment
The Method
  • What are the steps to becoming a mature disciple?
  • 4 Chair Discipling
The Movement
  • How did Jesus build a multiplying movement?
  • 6 Foundational Priorities of Jesus
  • 5 Phases of the Ministry of Jesus


Dr Dann Spader has invested his life in training youth workers.  Having served as a youth pastor for over 10 years, Dann built his ministry on an extensive study of the Son’s Life.  Being challenged as a new believer that Christ’s initial disciples may have been teenagers, Dann began an extensive study of Jesus’ life.  What did Jesus do the first year, second year, third year?  How did Jesus make disciples?  How can we also build a movement of multiplying disciple-makers? As Dann’s youth group began to multiply… soon others were asking about the Son’s Life and Jesus’ Strategy.

This Strategy Seminar will give an overview of how Jesus made disciples and built a movement of multiplying disciples.  In North America alone, over 50,000 youth leaders from 25 different denominations have been through this training.  Globally, over 100 different countries are teaching this material on how Jesus made disciples and built disciple-making movements.

Since 2005, Dr Spader has led Global Youth Initiative (now called Concentric Global).  Movements of young indigenous leaders have been developed in over 130 countries.  Just this last year, Dann passed the baton of Concentric and moved into the San Diego area to be near his 8 grand-children.


$50/Person (Lunch Included)

$75/Person After October 20th


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