Rise U is a collection of core learning classes covering a wide range of theological topics to strengthen your understanding of Scripture, lead you to grow deeper in your walk with Jesus and give you the tools you need for a lifelong pursuit of Him.

TRACK 1: JUNE 14-28

Tuesday Nights, 6:30-8pm

CHURCH HISTORY 1: The Early Years

An overview of the early years in the history of the church, from Acts to the Holy Roman Empire.  This class will seek to understand how and why the early church grew, the major issues it faced during the first few centuries and the impact of Rome as the religious center of Christianity.

THE BOOK OF REVELATION: Different Perspectives

The book of Revelation is often considered the most difficult to understand and thus controversial book in the entire Bible.  Is it about the future, a flowery description of the past or something else?  This study will give an overview of the various perspectives on different people have read and interpreted the book throughout the history of church, along with the strengths and weakness of each viewpoint – leaving it up to you to decide which is best!

TRACK 2: JULY 12-26

Tuesday Nights, 6:30-8pm

CHURCH HISTORY 2: The Reformation

An overview of one of the key moments in the history of the church, the Reformation.  This class will include an overview of the events leading up to this pivotal shift in Christianity, the key players and it’s long term impact on our world today.

Attendance at Church History 1 is NOT required!

SPIRITUAL LIFE: Toward a Healthier Life in Christ

A focus on our identity, healthy community and the daily spiritual practices that lead us to transformation in Christ.

BIBLICAL FINANCE: Investing for the Future

A study of the Biblical view of stewardship and long term investing for kingdom impact.  This is an excellent follow up to anyone who has previously taken Financial Peace University.

KIDS U: Rise to Life

While parents are growing in their faith, we are offering a class for our incoming 3rd-6th graders to grow in their faith in an age appropriate way by offering a Rise U version of “Rise to Life” just for them!  We will dive into important questions like: What are we all doing here on planet Earth?  Where do I fit in? Why are people always talking about following Jesus?  We will tackle some big topics but have fun along the way.

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