Our Ministry Focusing
On Newborn - 5th Grade

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EVERY SUNDAY AT 9:00 & 11:00AM

At Rise City Kids we love to partner with families to raise kids that love Jesus. We offer programs during both services on Sunday mornings at Rise City Church for ages Newborn through 5th grade.


Our kids program runs during the entire Sunday morning experience.  We would encourage you to come at least 15 minutes before the service so you have time to sign your kids in (or register them if you’ve never been here before) and take them to the appropriate room.

Your Kids Are Our Top Priority.

Your trust is something we do not take lightly, or for granted. All of our volunteers are background checked and trained to provide a safe experience for your children.


At Rise City Kids we use Orange curriculum that is designed to equip families to their children the Gospel.


Find our more about what a small group leader is and why we use a small group model for our kid’s ministry at Rise City Church.

Reopening Plan

At Rise City Kids the safety of your children has always been important to us.  In addition to our current background screening, safety training and ongoing leadership development for our adult leaders, our teams will now be adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines proposed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.  These protocols were created with youth day camps in mind, an environment that we feel represents well the environment your child experiences at Rise City Kids.

  • Kids will be temperature checked at the name tag station using an instant, touchless thermometer.
  • Each small group will be limited to 10 children. Those children will create a “stable youth group” and will not intermingle with any other children while in our program.
  • Supplies and art activities will be isolated within a single small group. Supplies will not be shared between any “stable youth groups” (small groups) or between services. All surfaces within reach of children or adults will be disinfected between services.
  • Within their small groups, kids may interact during small group activities without a mask or social distancing (per provided county protocols). When kids are not engaged in small group activities, such as during large group teaching time, kids will sit on socially distanced dots provided on the floor.
  • Adult leaders will be required to wear a face covering during the entirety of the program.
  • While physical contact is discouraged by the provided protocols, please know that we fear it will be damaging to children if our leaders decline hugs initiated by kids (with their parent’s permission). Likewise, it will be difficult for our staff to intercept hugs given between kids. As always, adult staff will not initiate hugs with kids.
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How Will You Be Cleaning The Kids Areas?

Each small group and service will have their own designated toys that will not be shared between groups. Those toys will be cleaned with Clorox and/or Lysol during the week and put back out for the following week. We know the babies room toys take extra care, so we will be looking for a safer alternative that still meets CDC guidelines. All surfaces within touching range of children will be cleaned with Clorox wipes between services.

Will There Still Be Snacks?

Per the provided protocol, no snacks will be handed out. Our service times will be shortened by 15 minutes so we hope kids will do alright without snacks.

Will The Playground Be Open?

The Rise City kids playground will remain closed until we are certain that we have the volunteer manpower to properly disinfect it between groups. When it does reopen, we plan to clean and disinfect with CDC approved Clorox wipes.

What Happens Once A Room Is At Capacity?

The number of children in each group is a critical part of following the county supervisors protocol for reopening. For this reason, we will require pre-registration each week. Parents will be notified of room availabilities when registering.

Volunteer In Rise City Kids

To make Sunday mornings successful, we need volunteers like you. We are always looking for great leaders to join our team. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be experienced, just willing to show up on Sunday mornings.

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