We are so excited to continue partnering with Homes of Hope to build 5 homes in Mexico in 2024.  This is a chance to make a tangible change in the life of a family and, in the process, be changed as well.

Why Mexico?

Did you know that:

  • 45% of the 127 million people of Mexico live below the poverty line?
  • Children without adequate shelter are three times more likely not to attend school; they also suffer more from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems?

When a family is gifted a home it:

  • Sets them ahead economically 8-10 years
  • Produces healthy long-term thinking in the life of a family, helping to break the cycle of poverty in one generation.

For more information about the benefits of home ownership and the process a family has to go through to be approved to have a house built, click below.

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General Information

Each trip will meet at the YWAM Headquarters in Chula Vista on Friday, usually early afternoon, and return to Headquarters on Sunday evening.  A representative from Homes of Hope will meet you in Chula Vista to provide transportation across the border and to the base where you will be staying.

Please Note: On this trip, you will be on an active construction site, with inherent risks.  For the safety of everyone involved, if your family travels with 2 or more children under the age of 12, we ask that one parent or guardian be chosen to supervise your children, working alongside them to help keep everyone safe.  We also ask that if a family travels with any child aged 6 or under, one parent or guardian be chosen to supervise, working alongside them to help keep everyone safe.  That may mean that one parent or guardian isn’t involved in the construction of the site, but instead paints, helps keep the construction site organized, connects with the family’s children or helps build relationships with the family.

Additionally, we have guidelines for minors traveling without either parent; if you want more information about that, please email: [email protected]



The cost of the trip includes all transportation for the weekend after meeting at the YWAM Headquarters in Chula Vista, all lodging and meals, as well as a translator and t-shirt.

Prices are as follows:

Adults (13 and older) –  $299

Children (3-12) – First 2 kids per family are free; after that the cost is $299 per child

Children (under 3) – Free

All money is due the Wednesday before the trip leaves.

Sign Up Information

You will need to create an account to sign up for a weekend.  All members of your family going will use the same account.  Please see below for more info on how to fill out the online forms.

PLEASE NOTE: The information for the Emergency Contact MUST be different than the information you used to register or the YWAM/HOH system won’t recognize the registration.

The price will not be calculated for you automatically, so if you have any questions about payment, please email: [email protected]

How To Register