We believe it is better to give than to receive! Therefore, each Christmas we take up a special offering and give it ALL away.  On December 13th, we are challenging the people of Rise City Church to give above and beyond to help fund four amazing initiatives.  You can learn more about each of this year’s initiatives below.


Did you know that when you sponsor a child, they will stay in school 1.5 years longer than unsponsored peers and are 75% more likely to become a leader in their community?  

When a child is sponsored, the effects can be felt for both them and their family for generations to come.  With a sponsorship, a child is able to discover his or her true value.  Through a local church and a caring sponsor, a child receives education to defeat illiteracy and provide critical skills.  They also get nutritional supplements, health care, Christ-centered guidance and a chance for recreational activities.  When you sponsor a child, you help to equip a child in extreme poverty with skills and opportunities they will use to succeed.  Our goal is to sponsor 150 children!


Did you know that at least 40% of unplanned pregnancies in the United State end in abortion?

Pregnancy Care Clinic offers a safe place for those facing an unplanned pregnancy to receive support and education as alternatives to abortion.  Our goal is to partner with Pregnancy Care Clinic to helping people choose life.  We want to give $50,000 to this vital ministry.


Did you know that it is estimated that there are currently 40+ million people in slavery world wide?  Every one of those people has a name, a story and a dream.

International Justice Mission finds children and families who are victims of violence, forced labor, or sex trafficking and supports local police in rescue operations.  They also help in meeting the victim’s urgent needs, like housing and medical care, as well as long-term recovery.  We want to give $50K to support this important work.


Did you know that we love to be a blessing to others but need your help in making us aware of those who could use some extra help?

You know people who are in need, and we want you to nominate people or organizations you know could really use some extra blessing at the end of the year. Our goal is to give up to $35,000 to help meet to needs of others in our community.