Rise City Church is Giving Away Up to $25,000
To Qualified Organizations This Christmas!

Due to an overwhelming response, the Christmas Offering Initiative Nomination form is now CLOSED.  Thank you to each of you who took the time to fill out the for on behalf of an organization.  If you filled out the form, you will be contacted shortly with more information.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Rise City Church Christmas offering we will be selecting 10 separate organizations to receive up to $25,000 each.  Rise City Church attenders can nominate qualified groups using the information below as a guide:

How Will It Work?

The process for nominating and selecting the 10 initiatives will be as follows:


  • A member of your organization or your Rise City Church sponsor fills out our on-line application, briefly explaining who you are and why you believe you should be considered.  The leadership of Rise City will review each application; those that qualify (see below) will be invited to participate in our selection process.
  • To apply, click HERE


  • On Saturday, October 8th, representatives from your organization and your Rise City sponsor (See “Who Can Apply” Below) will give an in-person presentation of 5-10 minutes to an appointed selection committee.
  • This can include handouts, visual aids, audio/video or anything else the presenters wish to offer in order to be considered.  The committee will be allowed to ask questions to learn more about the organization.
  • Should the committee decide to accept your nomination, they will determine the total amount of money to donate (up to $25,000) based upon need, vision alignment and greatest potential for kingdom impact.


  • Leaders from your organization and/or your church sponsor may be invited to attend a Sunday morning service leading up the offering to learn more about who they are.  Such invitations will be determined and extended by Church leadership.

Who Can Apply?

To qualify for the 2022 Christmas Offering, organizations must meet the following criteria:


Operate with a stated mission, vision and values that align with Rise City Church and its Biblical worldview while serving to advance God’s kingdom in a tangible and demonstratable way.

  • This does not require you to be officially “Christian” nor have stated policies that directly quote Scripture. However, if not, you must demonstrate alignment with the mission of the Church and have no policies or behaviors that violate a traditional Biblical worldview as outlined within Rise City’s statements of faith listed HERE or elaborated upon in their policy governance.
  • Rise City reserves the right to reject any candidate on the grounds of religious differences related to vision, moral/ethical belief or social issues disparities.

An officially recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.

  • Individuals will not be considered as major initiatives. They will have the opportunity to be nominated through the traditional nomination process at a later date.
  • For-profit businesses will not be considered under any circumstances.
  • If the organization is not eligible to be a 501c3 because they are based outside of the US, please see the guideline below.

Able to demonstrate you are a legitimate and established outfit with a history of kingdom-advancement (especially those operating outside the US; the burden of proof will be higher than those within the US who hold a non-profit status).

  • Each presenter must do so in person or via zoom so those outside the US would also require a local person who can attend and represent them to the committee.

Have a Rise City Church attender as either a nominator and/or sponsor.

  • This individual should participate in the presentation and may, at times, represent the organization to the congregation.
  • This individual may be directly connected to the applying organization, even an actual employee/volunteer, or just someone who believes deeply in what the group is doing and wants to see them supported.
  • Organizations with no connection to Rise City Church may nominate themselves, but priority will be given to those with a direct Church relationship. Should a group with no Church connection be accepted, they will be assigned a church member as a sponsor to work alongside them.

When Will This All Happen?

  • August 28th: Application form opens
  • October 8th: Committee Presentations
  • Nov – Dec 11: Selected nominations announced and promoted during Sunday Services
  • December 18: Annual Christmas Offering
  • December 19-31st: Donation checks distributed


For questions concerning the application process or more information on who can apply: